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Mosquitoes Repellent Room Spray

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Mosquitoes Repellent room spray is made with safe, effective and 100% natural ingredients and high therapeutic grade essential oils known for repelling mosquitoes (especially Dengue and zika virus carrying mosquitoes). It's safe for children and pregnant women.

Just a few sprays onto fabric materials will repel the mosquitoes from entering the area where you've sprayed. For lasting results, spray onto fabric materials like curtains, fabric sofas, cushions, bedsheets, carpets, etc. Always  spray in a room with sufficient ventilation. Do not spray when the children or pets are in a very small confined area, allow 5 minutes for evaporation before entering room again.  For best protection repeat spraying every 2-3 hours. The room should be more or less enclosed, the scent will disperse faster in open space. Always keep room clean and tidy as mosquitoes like to hide is dark secluded areas.
 Avoid exposure to sun, heat or naked fire. Avoid direct contact with eyes.  


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