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Sanitizer Hand Spray (Peppermint)

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This hand spray contains 70% ethanol and antiseptic pure essential oils which makes it refreshing and effective at killing bacteria and viruses. You can spray on palm and rub evenly, or all your body, clothing, tabletops, phone surface, toilet seats, etc, in order to disinfect them.

This spray is made from safe, effective, and 100% natural ingredients. It also contains defractionated coconut oil which makes your skins less likely to be dried out when applied.


Pine Scotch, Peppermint 100% pure essential oil, defractionated coconut oil, 99.98% ethanol (Plant-based), Distilled Aqua.

How to Use:

1) You can spray the antiseptic spray on top of the toilet bowl cover to disinfect it before sitting on it.

2) You can spray directly onto your palm and rub it to disinfect your hand before eating like hand sanitizer.

3) You can use it ti spray over bag to disinfect when you are back home before entering your house.

4) You can spray on your chair to disinfect before sitting on it.


  • Flammable! (contains ethanol)
  • Do not spray directly on painted or synthetic surfaces & Leather
  • Keep out of reach of children and pets
  • Seek medical help if ingested
  • If eye contact occurs, flush with clean water
  • For people with sensitive skin, please do a patch test before applying on your skin


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