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Grapefruit reed diffuser fragrance

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Grapefruit reed diffuser fragrance

Aromatherapy reed diffuser fragrance

This reed diffuser fragrance is designed for reed sticks/fiber sticks, dried branches, clay/paper flower/animal diffuser vase. Simply pour in non-porous glass or ceramic vase and insert reed sticks/fiber sticks, dried branches, clay/paper flower diffuser vase , animal diffuser vase. The fragrance will be gently absorbed and wicked up to diffuse in the space.


Antidepressant; antiseptic; disinfectant. Uplifts and revives the spirit and mind; dispels bitterness and resentment. Good for relieving headache and migraine due to tension or stress. Combats fluid retention, slugginess and cellulite; detoxifying. Valuable for relieving arthritis, gout, rheumatism and stiffness in the muscles. 

Open the cap of the reed diffuser fragrance bottle and add reed sticks/fiber sticks (quantity as desired). Allow the reed/fiber sticks to absorb the fragrance for 15mints to 20 mins. After the reed sticks are wet, and remain so, you can flip them over and place the opposite end into the fragrance, to give the room a burst of fragrance. (as for the fiber sticks, you need not overturn the fiber sticks as it will wicked up the fragrance till the top of the sticks).

As for clay/paper with flower diffuser vase or animal diffuser vase, just pour the fragrance into the bottom ceramic vase and place the clay/paper flower top or the animal clay top into the bottom vase. Allow it to absorb the fragrance for approx. 3 hours to 4 hours. Once the clay/flower top or animal clay top absorb the fragrance, it will diffuser the fragrance through the clay/paper flower top, animal clay top into the area where you place it.

Avoid strong wind, air conditioner or fan blowing directly at the diffuser vase, as it will speed up evaporation and dry up the fragrance faster.

Ethanol 70% (Plant-based with 99.98%) , Distilled aqua, Grapefruit (citrus paradisi) 100% pure essential oil.

- Highly FLAMMABE!. Keep away from direct fire source.  
- Do not pour the fragrance directly onto painted, synthetic or lacquered surface.
- Do not pour it onto leather products.
- Do not ingest, if swallowed, do not induce vomiting.
- Eye contact: Flush eyes with clean water, and seek medical advice if necessary.
- Skin contact: wash area with water.
- Keep out of reach for children and pets.
- Eye contact: Flush eyes with clean water, and seek medical advice if necessary.
- Skin contact: wash area with water.
- Keep out of reach for children and pets.


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